Experts in Installing Green Living Walls

As a result of more than 25 years of experience, our trained technicians have the knowledge to guide and advise you on the design and plants that will best suit the environmental conditions of your premises. The living wall is fitted to your wall with our bracket system where your plants can grow without any disruption. You can also count on us for regular maintenance visits to ensure that the wall always looks its best.

Green Living Walls Are Suitable For:

  • Public parks and buildings
  • Hotels
  • Corporate buildings
  • Educational institutes
  • Retail stores
  • Healthcare facilities

Benefits Of Green Living Walls:

  • Improved air quality
  • Noise level reductions
  • Improvements in alertness and energy levels of employees
  • Energy cost reductions
  • Reduction in dust accumulations
  • Eyes irritation reduced by 30%

Moss Walls Coming Soon:

Intrigued by how Moss Walls can be used?

The creative opportunities with Moss are endless. Virtually any shape, logo, font or size can be produced by our skilful team, enabling you to have outstanding features in your building that will amaze both your staff and visitors. If you’ve got an idea give us a call – we’re positive we can help make it reality.

We use three different types of sustainably harvested moss to create the visually stunning Moss Walls we manufacture. Flat Moss, Bun Moss and Reindeer Moss can all be utilised, together or individually to achieve incredible end results. The flexibility of the product enables us to work closely with you to create workable designs that match closely to your vision.