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Pot Plants

We work with a huge variety of materials including glass reinforced plastic, stainless steel, hardwood, softwood and aluminium.

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Pot Plants

Within recent years it has become apparent that flowers and plants improve a company’s corporate image in the eyes of customers and enhance the working environment for staff. Acacia is dedicated to the integration of nature into everyday living. We firmly believe that the presence of living flowers and plants at work, home, and in public places improves life and benefits society.

If you think that a scheme would look great but can’t find the planter, we are the people that can help. We offer a full bespoke service, taking your ideas and turning them into reality.

From a single potted plant to multi-planted displays available in a variety of containers, to suit your tastes and décor.

What do you get when you rent plants? From just £1.50 per week per display, you receive your plant displays delivered to your office, maintained and replacements for dead plants FREE of CHARGE.

Plant contracts can be from just 1 day, 3 months, 1year, 2 years or 3 years.

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